World Setting

Thieves of Blackstone is an original campaign that takes place in a low magic, medieval fantasy world similar in tone to The Lord of the Rings movies, the Game of Thrones TV series and The Witcher video games.

The city of Blackstone Port is a place where laws are harsh and the perception of strength and civil mastery must be maintained at all times. It’s the capital of trade and wealth in a nation that considers itself at the peak of civilization.

It might not be obvious at first, but just below the surface of this strictly ordered society, there exists a thriving criminal underworld. This is a place where city thieves work day and night to lighten the purse of the wealthy elite, who in turn are freely exploiting the lower class to fuel their decadence. It’s a system of bribes, threats, and missing merchandise that attracts all manner of opportunist, hoping to reap the rewards of corruption.

Play style

This game has been designed to support a more subtle approach to adventuring. All of the game’s scenarios can be navigated successfully with non violent means. This effectively places the proverbial pen on par with the power of the sword and speaking ability on equal terms with magick spells. Martial combat can still be a large part of the game play, but stealthy positioning and clever implementation of skills will be essential to navigate many of the challenges you’ll be facing.

Thieves of Blackstone