Blackstone Port City

Blackstone Port

Campaign Setting – Primary Location

Blackstone is the capital of trade, and the busiest port in the nation of Loestaran. An incalculable amount of wealth makes its way through the city on a daily basis. The docks and market places tend to look like utter chaos to the uninitiated and many a tale are told of business deals going sour. The high volume of goods that flow through the city has also made it ripe territory for thieves and charlatans, thus earning a reputation throughout the land as the most dangerous city in the world. Rest assured however that the wealthiest among the nation reside in this seat of power and secure its stability with ruthless conviction.

Yet in contrast to most other cities in Loestaran, Blackstone is a place of surprisingly equal opportunity. Both men and women have the option to pursue any occupation they are skilled in. Those of Elven and Dwarven decent are permitted to own properties and businesses within the city limits. It’s also one of the few places where foreigners are permitted to walk the street in their native attire.

The city is governed by Bishop Grimmalt who presides with an Iron Fist and an uncompromising sense of swift justice. The common people however know all too well that the local magistrate is corrupt and the political scene is a cesspool of decadence and self serving greed. Fortunately the Merchants Guild operates as a balancing power that gives citizens some level of protection from outright oppression. Coin is the real power in Blackstone and everyone is for sale if not already bought.

However, in a place where money makes the rules, the real danger comes from within. The magistrate and guilds keep most things in check, but there are still plenty of those who would slit your throat for the coin in your pocket or the business on your book. As a result the general view toward strangers is either suspicion or apathy. Everyone in Blackstone is assumed to be the worst kind of person by everyone else.

People mind their own business here and you would do well to keep a low profile yourself. Always remember to keep mindful of your possessions and your life, lest they be lost – Blackstone visitors leaflet.

Details of Blackstone Port
• All trade from across the sea must first pass through Blackstone before it can be redistributed to the nation. In addition to its advantageous oceanic position, the city is located next to one of the largest river outlets on the continent making it the ideal staging area for shipments traveling to and from the forest frontier.

• The City is named after the black marble cliffs that make up the back wall of the harbor. Some believe that the ancient city that once stood here was burned to the ground by horrible magic from long ago and the cliffs are all that remain.

• The Iron Pentacle maintains a guard in Blackstone of 1500 troops and at least two naval ships. A military base with a large navy sits just 20 miles south and is home to the four fastest ships.

• The Porters Guild is the most powerful crime family in Blackstone. The “PG” handles everything entering the city by dock. When the Merchants guild needs to send a “message” they are the ones sent to flex their muscle. It’s big, uncompromising and you can’t join.

Blackstone Port City

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