Faithful Nobility

The followers of the Iron Pentacle fall into one of two groups: Those stained by the sin of the flesh who must seek atonement and those whose faith and devotion have made them free from the bonds of iniquity. This distinction is also what separates the lower class citizens from the nobles. For the blessings of fidelity to the Lord Father are many, while the blessings of independence are few. – High Priest Magnaatis

The wealthy families of nobility have great political influence that is channeled through their authority in the church. However when it comes to what is fashionable, the Faithful command the people directly. Their activities set the standards for successful life in Loestaran, determining which trends become popular and ultimately where money is spent.

These influences can be fragile however as they are largely based on public perception. Discerning individuals can see that the nobility are not always faithful; however any accusation of impropriety must be matched by the military action to back the claim. Feuds and domestic campaigns are routinely launched by one family against another in the effort of swaying this social influence and advancing church standing.

β€œIt would seem the sword is the final word on who possesses the Lord Fathers favor.” – Merrick Claybourne

Faithful Nobility

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